Making the Right Connections

We believe in making the right connections. You have needs and we have a team that will provide quality interim staff for you based on your needs, skills and requirements.

Let us introduce …


Kathleen is an interim director of patient access. She has 25 years of diversified experience in the patient access arena of the revenue cycle with a proven record of dramatically increasing POS collections while decreasing the errors that prevent generation of a clean bill.

Career highlights include …

  • Quality assurance
  • Patient scheduling
  • Budget development and control
  • Provider enrollment and credentialing
  • Personnel administration and training
  • Physician practice management


Thiquita has worked in the health care field for over 16 years.  In the last several years she has worked as a Patient Accounting Representative specializing in collecting on delinquent A/R accounts. Her expertise includes follow up and collections, managing accounts receivable collections to achieve targeted receivables on a monthly basis and expediting cash flow.


Juanita has 18 years of patient financial consulting experience.

Career highlights include…

  • Aggressive cash acceleration project leading to recovery of all outstanding revenue receivable of 120 days
  • Retrieving outstanding revenue totaling $12million
  • Proficient in hospital and physician billing and collections


Tricia is a Medicare specialist with 26 years of experience in hospital billing/collections She has six years of supervisory and management experience. Among her career highlights, Tricia …

  • Increased Medicare receivables to a weekly average by $119,000
  • Identified billing regulations for timely filing
  • Reduced A/R days by 30 percent
  • Placed aged accounts offsite agency for percentage of collections
  • Trained staff on billing procedures and account reconciliation for all payers including Medicare mandates


Robin has 22 years of experience in medical billing and is proficient in physician and hospital billing. Most recently, Robin was the Expeditive consultant at Northwestern Medical Center, where, for one year, she undertook physician billing and claim resolution, and spent an additional three months there doing hospital billing and claim resolution.

Her expertise includes the following:

  • Meets current productivity and quality standards in timely resolution for all claim edits, claim submission, clinical documentation and other communication regarding claims
  • Provides timely follow up and collection of outstanding accounts while working to overturn denials for payment resolution
  • Recommends accounts for contractual adjustments or write offs and provides appropriate justification and documentation