I started out with Expeditive in 2012 and have worked with them in the revenue cycle area, business office, patient access, and financial management.

Working with Expeditive has surely been a wonderful experience. I have been in healthcare for about 20 plus years, and been in turn-around of hospitals, physician office, and small rural clinics, and we’ve been quite successful at that.

Their company has a solid bunch of revenue cycle professionals, financial professionals, that are healthcare-minded, and I’m saying that not from just working with them but also having the pleasure of hiring folks to come into our hospital and help us whenever we’re in a crunch time.

Of course every hospital has its up and down but the folks that Expeditive has given us have come with a strong background in the field and been able to just kind-of hit the ground running and help us to where we need to get to. Phenomenal company; phenomenal people. I’m saying that from the bottom of my heart and it has been such a pleasure having them work with our hospital and working with Expeditive.

Monroe County Hospital reached out to Expeditive in December of 2011, requesting somebody as CFO or controller with a revenue cycle background. The hospital had come off a filing of approximately, I think, a 13 year loss — a progressive loss in the tune of anywhere from $750,000 to $1 million each year and really just needed somebody to help them keep their doors open.

So I came on site on January 2nd, 2012, and kind of just hit the ground. The first three days, I don’t think I took my briefcase off my shoulder. Came in to do an assessment and give Expeditive an update and let them know what the hospital may need. Within the next 120 days the hospital filed a month of profit, subsequently every month after that had been profitable. We’ve since hired a patient financial service manager which is over our business office or patient access area. The hospital from 2012 and 13 and going into 14 is continuously being a profit state, with the help of Expeditive and, of course, after about a year and a half of being a consultant through Expeditive, I was hired on board to be their permanent CFO.

Marlene McLennan

Chief Financial Officer
Monroe County Hospital