Interim Revenue Cycle Staffing

Experienced, professional interim staff who understand the needs of healthcare finance departments.

Welcome to Expeditive! We are the nation’s #1 provider of interim staffing and revenue cycle management services to healthcare providers. The healthcare revenue cycle demands experts who are well-acquainted with its many challenges and are quick to respond.

Whether hospitals and healthcare systems need a complete revenue cycle turnaround or simply need to fill an unexpected vacancy, our staff can be onsite within 48 hours to start making a difference right away.

What makes Expeditive different?

Our philosophy: Experience and onsite work are the key to revenue cycle management.

Expeditive’s revenue cycle consultants bring years of experience to your hospital.

The healthcare revenue cycle comes with requirements that are ever-changing and increasingly complex, so experience is key in the industry. Many of our interim staff have more than ten years of experience in healthcare finances. Expeditive’s consultants have the practical, real world knowledge and skills you require combined with the ability to quickly learn new technology systems and respond to the unique needs of each facility.

We work onsite with your current staff and systems to find the best solutions.

Expeditive dispatches personnel to your location where they can work in person and up close with your current employees and systems. Within days of arriving, Expeditive’s expert consultants can assess the challenges of your department and begin working toward a solution. We’ve reduced A/R days and increased cash flow for hospitals with years of lost revenue.

The changes we can make to your revenue cycle are consistent and lasting.

Clients return to Expeditive time after time because of the breadth and depth of our knowledge and professionalism. Often, healthcare facilities end up keeping our consultants as permanent staff in order to continue benefitting from their expertise. Even when appointments are only temporary, the difference Expeditive makes is always long-lasting.

Nobody knows the needs of Patient Financial Services and Revenue Cycle Management placement the way we do. We’re Expeditive.